Simply Measured RowFeeder Freebies

Generate Rich Excel Reports from Your Data

Select from the pre-built reports below to auto-magically create a report from your RowFeeder data (pretty graphs included!)

Looking for other types of reports? Contact us about custom reporting.

Snapshot Report

A high-level view of the basic social media metrics for your campaign, brand tracking, or event. This provide a basic view of posts over time by network, impressions on Twitter, the most followed users, the most common keywords or conversation drivers, and the type of content posted.
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Volume and Time Analysis

Chart posts over a given time range. Analyze activity by days, hours, or minutes. Analyze the volume of a single keyword or the aggregate of multiple keywords. You can also aggregate activity by time of day and day or week to inform when to connect with your audience.
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Conversation Driver Analysis

Search and analyze underlying topics, keywords, and themes within the posts matching your primary search and map the relative weight over time. Analyze the relative weighting of your products within mentions of your brand name or find what speakers had the most mentions in your event stream.
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Location Analysis

Find out WHERE the conversation is happening. Based on our sample of normalized user locations, report on the relative social media activity by City, State, Metro Area, Country, or Latitude/Longitude.
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People Analysis

Who are the most active users within your dataset? Who are the most followed users? This report provides a snapshot of the key people talking about your brand or participating in your campaign.
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Multiple Terms/Share of Voice

Are you tracking multiple brands, products, or campaigns? Compare the relative activity of multiple searches across a given time range. Analyze volume and velocity by days, hours, or minutes and aggregate the total relative attention or share of voice by term. For downloading up to 3 terms in a single reports.
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Day Parting Report

What is the best time to post messages, run campaigns, or engage your audience in social media? Use this report to help answer these timing questions. This report provides a roll-up of your data by day of week and time of day across your entire download. This report works best with longer ranges (at least 1 month) to identify trends in behavior.
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Influencer Analysis

Who are the influencers within your dataset? This report uses influencer metrics from Klout and follower data from Twitter to provide a snapshot of the influencers participating in your campaign on Twitter. Analyze the influencer impact over time and key people to connect with.
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Contest Winner Selection

This Report is the easiest way to run a Twitter contest with RowFeeder. Download with your contest entries pre-populated and easily select a random winner.
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