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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set-up a new search?

To get started click on the big blue "Track a New Term" button in the top right corner of your dashboard. From there add the keyword, phrase, or hashtag you want to monitor and choose whether to track on Twitter, Facebook, or both. New searches may take up to 5 minutes to start tracking.

What can I track with RowFeeder?

You can track any word, phrase, hashtag, or username on Twitter and Facebook. We'll aggregate all the mentions of that word or phrase in your spreadsheet. You might want to track your brand name, your twitter handle, the hashtag for a specific campaign, event, or promotion, or general topics of interest. For example at RowFeeder, we track...
  • "social media" and "spreadsheet" (topics of interest)
  • "#pr20chat" and "SMCSea" (events and tweet-chats we follow)
  • "RowFeeder" and "@RowFeeder" (our brand name and Twitter handle)

What is the difference between the "followers" and "friends" numbers?

"Followers" is the # of people following a user. "Friends" is the number of people that user is following. For example, @AplusK has 5,900,000 followers and 611 friends.

What can I use RowFeeder for?

We usually see RowFeeder used for 4 things:
  • 1.) Brand Monitoring -- tracking and analyzing the conversation about a your brand, products, and competitors
  • 2.) Campaign Measurement -- analyzing the performance of a specific social media campaign for reach, participation, and engagement
  • 3.) Contests & Promotions -- tracking entries in a Twitter contest based on a hashtag
  • 4.) Market Research -- tracking and analyzing the conversation for a specific topic, market, or set of topics.

How do I use RowFeeder for a contest?

RowFeeder is the easiest way to run a Twitter contest and analyze the results. Simply set-up a new search for your contest hashtag. All the entires will be collected in your spreadsheet. Use a spreadsheet function or download our contest winner selection template to randomly select a winner. When your contest is complete you will have all the entries stored in a spreadsheet to report on the results.

Can you show me some cool analysis I can do with RowFeeder data?

YES! We love crunching data. A couple resources are available to see RowFeeder data in action.
  • 1.) We post frequently on our blog analyzing social media activity for popular news stories, brands, product launches, and events.
  • 2.) Our Spreadsheet templates provide flexible reports based on RowFeeder data.
If you want to chat about how you are analyzing social media data, contact us -- we'd love to help.

How do I increase my monthly limit on posts?

There are 2 easy ways to increase your post limit:

How do I get more search terms on my account?

To get more active terms on your account, please upgrade your plan. If you are looking for more than 5 active terms, please contact us about RowFeeder Enterprise for unlimited tracking of high volume terms.